Learn to Hypnotize!
December 8th 7:00-9:00 EST Zoom

Have you ever wanted to help a friend reach a goal Have you ever wanted to hypnotize a friend or loved one and help them reach a goal?

Here is your chance!
Join Hypnosis Instructor Kristin Shelly w/ Hypnosis Career Training for a 2 hour Hypnosis Training Mini-Class.
Leave knowing how to induce hypnotic trance.
Why should you attend?
To have a fun evening and a new experience. Bring a friend (or a date) and practice what you have learned with each other.
To learn something new, (something truly fascinating about the human psyche.)
To refresh what you already know about hypnosis…and build on it.
To learn hypnosis directly from Kristin (she has a unique spin) 
To check Kristin out and see if she is the right instructor for your NGH Certification Training
Because the price is so fair…and why not??