Prevent smoking cessation relapse

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Prevent smoking cessation relapse


Do your clients include serial quitters? People who have stopped smoking so often, it’s practically a habit? The Stay Stopped quit smoking hypnosis script will give you the tools you need to help them stay stopped this time.

As you know, it’s a matter of boosting their unconscious determination to stay stopped – you need to out-weasel that weaselly addiction which sneaks up on them during tough times.


Bringing the facts and suggestions together into a powerful package

You will note that the pre-talk and the first part of the hypnosis script following the induction form a bridge of the basic facts about the harmful nature of smoking. Although you will make it plain that you are not relying on these facts to supply the necessary impetus to stop smoking and stay stopped, this hypnosis script uses a number of linguistic structures to link these facts into the suggestions, and subtly includes embedded commands to make the suggestions more compelling.

Serial quitters often doubt the possibility of changing, so a good part of the hypnosis script is devoted to re-installing the conviction that change is possible and has already happened before moving on to develop a new attitude to the old smoking behaviour.

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Our Full Smoking Cessation Program

If you are looking to help people quit smoking from cold, use our habit-smashing Smoking Cessation Program – 10 steps to Non-Smoking (you get the Stay Stopped script as a free bonus too),


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