Thank you for your interest in hypnosis training. You will find your ‘Hypnosis Career Launch Kit’ downloads below.

  • Are you looking for a comprehensive training and certification course in hypnosis where after you’re trained, you can confidently start working with your own clients?
  • Are you a healer who wants to find the most impactful way to bring about healing for others, using the power of the mind?
  • Are you wanting to be your own boss (self-employed) but needing guidance to launch successfully?
  • Or maybe you are simply exploring your career options and trying to find a path forward that is economically sensible.


This 100 hours career training program can start you started on your journey to a thriving 6-figure income career as a Consulting Hypnotist.

Why this course?

This course stands out from others National Guild of Hypnotists’ Certification Programs because you also receive in depth business and marketing training and support.

AND the hypnosis training goes well beyond the training books. I pack this course full of all the additional material I have learned in the last 11 years as a practicing Hypnotist in Asheville NC.  

Plan to leave an expert in the field.

This course is offered 5x a year and is limited to 10 students a class.

Are you one of the 50 students this year who will  study directly with an industry leader?

Meet Hypnosis Career Training Founder and expert,  Kristin Shelly in the video below.

Or enter the website for dates, pricing and additional information.

Is being a Consulting Hypnotist your path of purpose and service?

Gather as much information as possible and then check deeply within. Only you know. 🙂


Experience Deep States of Hypnosis with this Complementary Hypnosis Session.

Lay down close your eyes and take your mind inward. Hypnosis starts at 2:00