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~Timeline Resolution & Integration Process~ Certification

Learn the TRIP Method; A deep healing process model to help your client become aware of the root cause of the limiting behavior or core belief while in the hypnotic state, in order to facilitate re-framing, rapid healing, and resolution.

What is the TRIP® Method?

The TRIP® Method (Timeline Resolution and Integration Process) is a unified process that integrates a desired future state (the goal), the current resistant state, and the origin of the limiting behavior or belief by using the hypnotic methods of age regression, future pacing and congruent direct suggestions.

You will facilitate a deep healing process whereby your client, while in the hypnotic state, becomes aware of the root cause or core belief underlying a limiting behavior or belief in order to facilitate re-framing, rapid healing, and inner conflict resolution.

Use the TRIP Method for client with topics such as self-esteem & confidence, avoidant behaviors, self-soothing behaviors, over-compensatory behaviors, conflicting inner dialogues, critical or fearful thinking patterns, psychosomatic symptoms, and for self discovery.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to identify root cause of limiting belief or behavior

  •  Affect Bridge

  • Parts Integration

  • NLP Phobia Cure

  • Questions of Self Inquiry

  •  Congruent Direct Suggestions

  • Age Regression

  • Future Pacing

  • Ideomotor Technique

  • Reframing

  • Session Structure

  • Identify/Change Core Beliefs

  • The Complete TRIP® Method 

What Will You Get?

  • 5 Hours of Training (CEU’s)

  • A Certificate Of Completion

  • A GIF to Add “TRIP Certified” To Website.

  • Continued Support/Consultation

  • Complete Session TRIP Demo

  • Small Class Size

  • Breakout Rooms to Practice

  • One on One Feedback

  • An Increase in Postive Client Results

When & Where?

The Next Training Will Be Held 

On Sunday May 1st  @ 1:30 pm EST 

Via a Zoom Link Provided to All Registrants

TRIP Certification Training

TRIP Certification Training


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