What Is the Subconscious? (From a Hypnotist’s POV)

The hypnotic state can access the unconscious as well. This makes it a superior tool for healing trauma, finding objects that are misplaced, uncovering the causal origin of the behavior, or accessing transpersonal resources that we’ve never accessed before consciously.
The value of being able to access both the subconscious and unconscious using hypnosis cannot be underestimated. Bringing something up into the conscious light of the mind, into awareness, is how we heal. It allows us to reframe or recontextualize events. It allows us to be aware of how we may have been influenced without consciously knowing it. It also allows us to reclaim our own inner voice. We often discover the voices we listen to aren’t even our own, but rather someone else’s ideas about us or a situation. Hypnosis can help us identify core beliefs, limiting beliefs, and emotional imprints that control us years later.

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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking (Read This To Someone You Love!)

Picture yourself on a very large ship, as it skims across the surface of the ocean. It’s a sailboat and the big white sails are billowing full, full of the winds of life driving the boat forward rapidly You are at the helm. Feel the ocean spray. Taste the salty sea on your lips, sunlight glances off the surface of the water. Look ahead and see where the ship is headed and know it’s time to make a course correction. Look around the ship and realize you’re the captain. This is your boat. In charge of where this boat sails. Look out ahead where the boat is going. Realizes it’s time to make a course correction. Shift the sail now, and the wind catches from the other side and the boat gently curves. Now line that boat up to a future you want to experience… so that when the winds of life blows, it takes you where you want to go. So when the winds of life blow, you’re already pointed in the direction you want to go. So you’re pointed in the direction you want. Just a gentle course correction, remove smoking from your daily lifestyle routine, replacing it was something better, lining yourself up with a future you want

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Writing Hypnosis Scripts~Symbols of Physical Conditions

Let’s break this process down into four steps.

1.Describe a physical condition in psychological terms and define the dominant characteristics of the problem (i.e., eczema is an overreaction of the autoimmune system causing itchy, red, dry patches on the skin.).

2. List words that describe the feeling of the negative symptoms (i.e., overreaction, Inflammation, overprotective).

3. Determine appropriate antonyms. (moist, calm, safe)

4. Create your script using guided imagery woven in with direst suggestions.

TIP: When you write your script, focus on the language patter (rhythm, sound, and flow.) Disregard traditional grammatical structure. Think more like a free-form poet. Write structurally like a free-form poem.

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75 Self-Inquiry Questions for Healing

What are you most scared of losing?

What part of you that is asleep, is this situation trying to awaken?

Is there anything inside you that if it healed would allow you to feel lighter and happier about your life?

Do you have any limiting beliefs about yourself?

Is there anything in your childhood that you needed but didn’t get, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually?

Is there anything you need in your life right now but don’t have? spiritually, emotionally, physically, or intellectually?

Is there anything about the future that scares you? If so, what.

Do you trust yourself?

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An Out of Body Experience & Journey To the Void.

I am sucked out of my body, from the top of the skull… and find myself float and looking around….in another dimension! Here it is vastly SILENT, purely BLACK , INFINITELY spacious, ALIVE and very POWERFUL … I find myself floating and flying  through a space of pure potential energy. It is pitch black, perfectly silent and endless…literally infinite. The qualities of it are as follows. It is exquisitely, infinitely dark, no light whatsoever emanating from anywhere. It is infinitely, exquisitely silent. No sound emanates from anywhere. It is infinitely vast. It does not have a beginning or end but does have a 3d spatial quality. It is perfectly peaceful in every way. It is awesomely still and emanates harmony, balance, peacefulness and GOODNESS. I feel the presence of this energy so clearly. It has an alive quality. It does not feel empty. My first thought is something like. “Wow, the infinite is so easy to understand!” But there is more to it. It is alive.

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