Life After Death; Lessons From The Other Side.

We do review our life. In the review the only things that matter are how we made others feel. We will feel the hurt we caused to others and all the feelings of its ripple effects. We will feel all the love we extended and all its ripple effect. All the good we do will be of supreme importance. Even the smallest acts of kindness have much merit. Helping others is extremely important. You may have shame around the hurt you caused and may wish you had done better. All of this will be completely forgiven by God. Status, power and wealth are of no consequence except weather you did good or bad with it. All is known on the other side. There are no secrets.

You will not be alone on the other side. You will reunite with spirit guides, angels, family members (even ones you never met in this lifetime), & pets. It will feel more like your home than your home now, and you will recognize it completely. It will be more beautiful than we can imagine. Also, Heaven is real.

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