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An Out of Body Experience & Journey To the Void.

I am sucked out of my body, from the top of the skull… and find myself float and looking around….in another dimension! Here it is vastly SILENT, purely BLACK , INFINITELY spacious, ALIVE and very POWERFUL … I find myself floating and flying  through a space of pure potential energy. It is pitch black, perfectly silent and endless…literally infinite. The qualities of it are as follows. It is exquisitely, infinitely dark, no light whatsoever emanating from anywhere. It is infinitely, exquisitely silent. No sound emanates from anywhere. It is infinitely vast. It does not have a beginning or end but does have a 3d spatial quality. It is perfectly peaceful in every way. It is awesomely still and emanates harmony, balance, peacefulness and GOODNESS. I feel the presence of this energy so clearly. It has an alive quality. It does not feel empty. My first thought is something like. “Wow, the infinite is so easy to understand!” But there is more to it. It is alive.

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