An Out of Body Experience & Journey To the Void.

An Out of Body Experience; THE PREGNANT INFINITE VOID.

I am resting my head on the window of an airplane. The passengers on the plane are quiet and the plane is quite high in the atmosphere. The only sounds are the mechanical humming of the plane and the occasional shifting of passengers. It’s a beautiful clear day. We are up where the air is thin and the sky is clear light blue. I look downward to earth onto white fluffy clouds and an increasingly darker blue sky below me. My feeling is that of a child in the backseat of a peaceful car ride, detached from worldly problems, not having to do anything. I close my eyes lightly, to rest them. Suddenly, without any warning or conscious effort (never having experienced this before) and for no reason that I consciously am aware of still today, something strange happens.

I am sucked out of my body, from the top of the skull… and find myself float and looking around….in another dimension! Here it is vastly SILENT, Pure BLACK , INFINITELY spacious, ALIVE and very POWERFUL … I find myself floating and flying  through a space (field? dimension?) of pure potential energy. It is pitch black, perfectly silent and endless…literally infinite. The qualities of it are as follows. It is exquisitely, infinitely dark, no light whatsoever emanating from anywhere. It is infinitely, exquisitely silent. No sound emanates from anywhere. It is infinitely vast. It does not have a beginning or end but does have a 3d spatial quality. It is perfectly peaceful in every way. It is awesomely still and emanates harmony, balance, peacefulness and GOODNESS. I feel the presence of this energy so clearly. It has an alive quality. It does not feel empty. My first thought is something like. “Wow, the infinite is so easy to understand!” But there is more to it. It is alive.

Next I turn my attention to myself. I am whole, intact, conscious, and I recognize myself. I have my senses but no physical body. I can think and feel, see and hear. I have a non-physical boundary and it seems to be organized in the shape of a body. But it was non-material. Almost as if it were an outline or an energetic field in the shape of a body. I seem to be moving horizontally similar to how superman might fly without his arms extended. I seem to be moving forward. I think about it for a quick moment and turn my awareness back to the dimension I find myself in. The Infinite Pregant Void.

This dimension was not emptiness. Quite the opposite. It was full. What seems exquisite about this space is the PROFOUND POTENTIAL ENERGY. I am going to be direct here because it was simply a fact. It was what it was and at the time, was quite obvious.

The infinite darkness surrounding me, was in fact particles of living white light particles without any “force” acting upon them. Since the space was infinite there was room and space for everything to be….to be that which it was without any influences from anything else. Nothing was interacting with anything else.The light was not extending, not radiating. It was white light at rest. The darkness is unrefracted, non-reflection , non-activated white light…pure powerful potential. An endless amount of “seeds” of light. or “individual light densities” or “energy packets” that if acted upon by forces of physics would burst to life and create holographic matter. Each particle of non-extending light had such profound potential energy. I feel them “waiting for a creative force to act upon it”. These non-radiant light particles extended infinitely in all directions, nested amongst each other creating this field that I am flying in. A zero gravity field. A non electric field. A field with no forces of motion acting upon it because there was infinite space for everything in the universe. No cause and effect.

The alive quality yearned with desire. Desires to be activated. It was humming without sound, vibrating without movement, YEARNING to live and express and create with this potential power. As if it would spring to action eagerly. It seemed to be yearning to be birthed. It was truly alive but not activated. Pure potential energy. All this was so obvious and I felt it deeply. The Pregnant Void is anything but empty. It is all the potential energy in the universe.

These next ideas are not as clear, simply because I do not know what MIND or Creative Force is completely.

The next thought I had was that the mind (my mind, your mind, God’s mind) or the creative force, can activate and make anything that can be imagined from these particles. That I (we) can birth these light particles, send them into motion. Creative force of mind is the power that activates the white light, which then extends joyfully to live its function. Refracting into spectral light, it bends, moves, collides, and layers to create “holographic” expressions of ideas. ie. A brown table is a pattern of spectral white light. The causation (or activating force) is the creative idea of a table in the mind plus the reason (function) for the brown table to exist.

This extended into the thought that the material world is particles of living light in motion. That MIND is a creative force and that we birth reality. That we can birth into creation anything the ONE mind thinks is possible or necessary.

The expression of Matter seemed be radiating light particles extending, layered into densities creating form. Matter is an expression of the idea in the mind birthed into reality? We are the Creative Force and can activate it. The material universe is set in motion with creative MIND. We can activate this pure potential energy. The light particles are completely benevolent and seem to “desire to be set into motion.” We can truly create that which we can imagine.

I have a thought about my physical body….And then instantly, similarly to many NDE’s, I am quickly pulled back. I feel myself literally crack back into my body through the top of my skull, as loud as thunder, as bright as lightning. The machinations of the quiet airplane were as loud as the sound of thunder in contrast to the infinite silence I just left. The light and color through my eyes hit me like lightning in contrast to the infinite blackness. And I was back. And that was it.

This particular Out of Body Experience, OBE. (I have had 2 others that have informed how I view the world) was most similar to other accounts of Near Death Experiences. I now have a profound interest in other people’s accounts of “The Void.” Did it also seem pregnant with potential? Where is this place in relation to others accounts of heavenly experiences? Is there any mention of the Void in religious teachings? Can information from the other side inform physics and help with scientific advances?

Before my personal encounter with the Void, I had only heard of 2 references to this place in my whole life. One was the story of Buddha and the idea he made it to “the Void” but not to God-union. And the second is a painting by artist Alex Grey called “The Void Clear Light”. And just last week I had a student tell me about a channeled book by Kaia Ra called “The Sofia Code ‘’ where she refers to this place as “the Womb of Existence”. Now I see that many NDE’rs have experienced this place. This story is now archived with many thousands and thousands of other personal accounts of NDE’s and OBE’s here. If you have had one, I would love to hear about it, if you would like to share.

Thank you for reading this.

Sent with loving kindness

-Kristin Shelly

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