Mindset Hack Reset~ Record THIS Hypnosis Session

Self hypnosis for DEEP mental relaxation

Reboot your brain and mentally reset. This is a very effective hypnosis session carefully drafted to be extremely powerful. Heighten your mental clarity, stamina and focus. Feel refreshed as if you went away on a 3 day vacation; all in 25 minutes. 

Be your own hypnotist; record this hypnosis session and take yourself on an inward journey of profound relaxation. After ‘awakening’ from this hypnosis, you will be perfoming again at peak performance, at your optimal state. Any feeling of exhaustion and burnout will be gone. Best practice would be to read through it twice, finding the hypnotic rhythm and flow. Then find a quiet place to record. The voice recorder on your smartphone will work perfectly. Hit record and begin reading the script below. Talk clearly and slowly, with plenty of time between each instruction as if you are reading for a live theater performance. Find the rhythmn and pacing and use a relaxed, hypnotic voice.This recording is intended to help reset your mind and body. To de-stress and re-boot you. It should feel very safe and very relaxing. Any parts you wish to leave out or anything you wish to add, do it. Hypnosis is a creative endeavor.When you have created the recording, lay down and listen to it in a quiet place with your eyes closed. Be as comfortable as possible, warm and safe. Reduce any stimulation, making sure no phones ringing, and that there’s no interruptions.

Hit it play and follow along with the simple mental exercises. The experience of hypnosis is progressive, and the longer you listen, the deeper and hypnotic trance you’ll go. You may find initially, your conscious critical factors are present, and that is normal. That’s the voice that will get quieter as you go along. And you may experience, when you are in a deep hypnotic trance, a drifting, dreamy state, a nonlinear peaceful state. Hypnosis is hyper focused relaxed attention. You should feel significantly refreshed and re-energized after you emerge from hypnotic trance. So let’s prepare to begin now.

[Please use at your own discretion. This is for educational purposes only. If you choose to record this and listen to it, you take full responsibility of authorship and release Kristin Shelly from any liability. Never listen to hypnosis when your attention is needed elsewhere, especially while driving. Do not use it at all if you have seizures, psychosis, or mental illness.]

Powerful Brain-Hacking Hypnosis for Mental Reset & Peak Performance

“Close your eyes now, focus all your attention on everything you hear inside and outside of this room. Really hear what you’re listening to. Focus on all the sounds around you. Now, put your attention on everything you see. Become very aware of the light coming through your eyelids by noting what color you see mixed in with the darkness. So you’re really seeing what you’re looking at. Next, focus your attention on your entire body. Notice where your body starts and stops in time and space. Now scan your body from your toes to the top of your head, just becoming aware of all the sensations from the inside out. For example, warmth, coolness, aching, comfort, tingling, ….become very body aware now. (pause) Good, all the way to the top of your head.And lastly, move your attention, your focus to your breath. Notice your breath as it moves gently in and out of your body, in and out and up and down. Focus on the air that leaves your nostrils and your chest as it rises and falls. (pause)So now let’s expand your area of awareness to incorporate all of these things at the same time. Become aware again of everything you hear. And expand to include everything you see. Plus, add in an awareness of your body down to the tips of your toes. And at the same time, notice the gentle rhythm of your breath in and out and up and down. Focus now on all of these things. Pause
Now, this simple exercise does two things: it starts to take your primary focus off your own thinking, and it also makes you more present, and to ‘be here now’ is the gateway into the spiritual realms, the meditative realms, and also into the hypnotic realms.Ok, so before we go further into deep hypnotic trance, let’s make sure we relax any physical tension in the body, and to do that, imagine relaxation moving at the rate of warm amber honey, starting at the top of your head and moving downward, spreading relaxation downward. Relax your scalp, relax your forehead, all the little muscles around your eyes relax. Let your eyes float and rest in their sockets. No need for any pressure or concentration. Hypnosis is a passive and receptive state.Now this relaxation flows down into your jaw by softening your tongue and removing any tension between your teeth. Allow this relaxation to flow downward over your throat and back of your neck. Relax your throat and neck. Now your shoulders. Relax your shoulders now. Warm relaxation dissolves any tension in your shoulders. All tension your carrying consciously and subcousciously, disolves away. Move this relaxation, warm amber honey…spread it, send it down both arms, down into your forearms, down into your hands and fingers, your arms relax completely now. Now, move that relaxation down into your chest. Noticing your breathing is shallow and rhythmic and your heart is already slowing to its resting state. Let that relaxation flow down now, into your stomach and gut. Release any grasping or holding. So that relaxation spreads to your lower back and moves down the back of your hips. Move that relaxation down behind your knees, relaxing behind your knees, relax your shins, relax your calves, even down to the bottom of your feet now. Good. Just scan your body now, one last time and any areas of extra tension or any physical discomfort, really gives that part of your body permission to relax and let go.
Your subconscious mind knows exactly how to relax now. Allow your subconscious mind to take you further down in hypnotic relaxation… now. Good. And now, just like a child being read a bedtime story, just let these images populate all by themselves, no need for any effort whatsoever. Picture yourself now, you’re standing outside under the moonlight at the top of a lovely stairway, it’s a warm, sultry, summer night. The stairs are made of white marble lit all the way down with lamplight. The stares are wide. They wind gently down the bottom of the stairs is a beautiful pool glistening with underwater lighting. In a moment, I’ll have you step down these stairs relaxing down with each descending. Ok starting now at the top step at 20 step down to 19, down to 18, down to 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 down to 11, down to 10, down… 9, down… eight, down 7, 6, 5, 4 , step down to 3, down to 2. Step down to one. And Zero, good.You’re now standing at the bottom of the stairs, noticing the beautiful pool. Surrounding the pool’s courtyard are hedges of rose bushes burst into bloom. The warm, sultry summer wind has blown the petals and they’re floating now on the surface of the water. Bend down, lift a petal. Notice the velvety softness between your fingertips. The water is warm and inviting, so you choose to lower yourself now into the water. The water supports your body just like a rose petal.
Imagine your body floating across this beautiful pool.
Imagine your body floating across this beautiful pool. Feel your body bobbing gently up and down, up and down. Drifting and floating. Across this beautiful pool. The water supports your body completely.And, it doesn’t matter if you find your mind beginning to wander to other thoughts and other feelings because nobody wants anything, nobody needs anything. There’s absolutely nothing of any importance for you to do right now, but relax and let go. Good.Continue to float along, really enjoying this wonderful feeling. (pause)Become aware of that beautiful night sky. The dark velvety sky with its full round moon, surrounded by twinkling silver stars. Everything here is so peaceful. Everything here is so calming. Everything here is so relaxing that you take into yourself, these feelings of calm, these feelings of relaxation and peace and you experience it now. (pause)Now we’re using the power of your mind, your subconscious mind, to enhance these feelings of well-being. Your mind has access to these feelings of calm and relaxation inside of you at all times.Begin to imagine your brain is like one giant computer. It’s time now to defragment the computer, all the little bits and tiny pieces of information that need to be stored in memory or deleted completely so that you feel calm and present with no distracting fragments or bits of information. Your subconscious mind knows how. Do this now until your mind is completely still and calm and completely peaceful. Store away or delete everything unitl your mind is empty and open.Good.And now you can just tune into your body again and imagine the left side of your brain resets completely. (pause) And the right side of your brain resets completely.(pause) And the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain all begin working together effortlessly… interconnected so perfectly, communicating in a balanced way between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Harmonized, synchronized, powerful.And now focus on the left side of the body. On the left side of the body all the energy channels flow easily, open, freely…. The left side of the body and now the right side of the body. The right side of the body’s energy channels flowing easily, open, freely….now both sides, both sides of the body at the same time, working together. Both sides working together in harmony and balance, harmony and balance. And as your nervous system relaxes even more and as we use this deep state of focused relaxation, your mind relaxes further. Be calm and still. All the stress and tension of the day just dissolves away completely now. (pause)
And if there’s anything you’re been holding onto…from the week or month or further back in your past, any frustration…. or anger… or sadness, any stress or worry, any pain or hurt that you’ve been carrying around inside yourself… even anxiety or stress about the future. Any and all negative emotions inside you…All negative emotions, let’s just give yourself permission now to let them go and just take a mini mental vacation from any negative emotions.
Picture in your right hand an empty red balloon. In a moment I will have you transfer anything and everything that you may have been holding onto, that you are ready to release, consciously and subconsciously, into that red balloon. With each breath out you fill that red balloon, bigger and bigger… with any negative emotions, feelings or thoughts that you no longer want to carry inside, transfer them now into the red balloon… and watch as it gets bigger and bigger. (long pause)Good, all stress, all worry, any hurt, or frustration… all negative emotions….all of it is now in the balloon. And when you’re done tie it off. Good. And the second you are ready to release these things, the intelligent universe knows and sends a large gust of wind. Let go now, let it go, it’s over now, it’s gone, it’s no longer happening. The past is over. A large gust of wind comes and carries your red balloon high into the blue sky. Watch it get smaller and smaller….(Pause) Until it disappears completely.
Let’s seal in these good feelings now. Like taking a mini mental vacation.One creative way to picture this is imagine a bubble, a giant soap bubble, and it is floating in the room towards you glistening in the sunlight. The soap bubbles get larger and larger. Or you get smaller. It doesn’t really matter. Imagine stepping inside this bubble now. It doesn’t have to make sense in this creative state of mind. You picture yourself inside this sphere, inside this bubble now. The space inside this bubble is your personal space given to you on the planet. In fact, it’s your personal space given to you and all of the universe. Right?So we’re just going to imagine any negativity, any stress from the outside world…just hit the outside of the bubble and slip to the ground below. It just can’t reach the real you. The real you, this calm, peaceful state, the real you before any dissonance came into your sphere, is having a mini mental vacation from any negativity. And this calm centered feeling that you feel inside now, stays with you. The real you. And any negative emotions or thoughts, they hit outside of the bubble and slip to the ground below. Like a force field really. They can’t get to the real you. This calm, centered, contented feeling just stays with you. Nothing really bothers you. Just like water rolling off a duck’s back. Did you know, no cold water ever touches the duck’s skin? That’s like you now. Nothing really can reach or affect this deep, quiet, peaceful part of you.
And for the next three days, or until you listen to this recording again, this mini mental vacation away from any negative emotions stays with you. These calm, relaxed and centered feelings stay with you. These calm, relaxed and centered feelings stay with you and your mind is resetting now and your nervous systems resets now. Even the muscles in your body. The fibers of your muscles in your body are resetting. All of your organs, every single organ inside your body, even your skeletal system, your electrical system, your immune system harmonize and synchronize. Everything’s letting go. Everything’s receptive and open. Healthy, easy, natural. Healthy, easy, natural. No tension anywhere to be found. Just like one giant reset button. (pause)And you bring this calm, centered feeling up out of trance with you. 
In a moment, I’m going to have you come up out of trance. And you can bring these nice, peaceful, calm, centered feelings with you. They stay with you for the next three days or until you listen to the recording again, taking a mini mental vacation from all stress or negative emotions, feeling calm and centered… your natural state. Even later today you will be surprised how much better you feel.So just like a bubble rising to the surface of the water, I’m just going to count up from one to three and on the count of three, simply open your eyes feeling refreshed, wonderful and wide awake, refreshed, wonderful and wide awake.One, getting ready to open your eyes now. Step up now to two, like a bubble rising to the surface. Getting ready to open your eyes now. Good, the bubble continues to float upwards now. And three eyes open, wide awake, feeling wonderful. Your eyes are open, your mind is clear and calm.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hypnosis induction. This is a non-analytical induction best suited for those who can visualize easily. If you did have a hard time sinking down into deep levels of relaxation, I would suggest you listen to it again. Hypnosis, like meditation, is something we can get better at; calming and settling our mind while promoting a sense of well-being using the power of the mind.I am a professional hypnotist with 11 years of clinical experience. The sentence structure, word choices and metaphors are intentionally created to be powerful and effective. There is a reason for each word, each sentence and paragraph. You can learn a lot about hypnosis from simply reading this.Enjoy and Be Well! Kristin Shelly

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