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Mindset Hack Reset~ Record THIS Hypnosis Session

Picture in your right hand an empty red balloon. In a moment I will have you transfer anything and everything that you may have been holding onto, that you are ready to release, consciously and subconsciously, into that red balloon. With each breath out you fill that red balloon, bigger and bigger… with any negative emotions, feelings or thoughts that you no longer want to carry inside, transfer them now into the red balloon… and watch as it gets bigger and bigger. (long pause) Good, all stress, all worry, any hurt, or frustration… all negative emotions….all of it is now in the balloon. And when you’re done tie it off. Good. And the second you are ready to release these things, the intelligent universe knows and sends a large gust of wind. Let go now, let it go, it’s over now, it’s gone, it’s no longer happening. The past is over. A large gust of wind comes and carries your red balloon high into the blue sky. Watch it get smaller and smaller

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