Launch Your New
REWARDING Career as a Certified HYPNOTIST!

Are you meant to help people?
THRIVE with meaningful work, a flexible schedule, and a comfortable lifestyle!
Learn how to SCALE your hypnosis private practice to earn over $100k a year.

We offer LIVE online hypnosis training and certification thru the National Guild of Hypnotists. Are you ready to transform your life?

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Learn These Incredibly Valuable Skills:
1. How to be an EXPERT HYPNOTIST.
3. DIGITAL MARKETING and BRANDING for your private practice.


Is Hypnosis Training for You?

Learn a transformative therapy that changes lives.

Is hypnosis a good career choice for me?

Do you have a genuine desire to help people heal and you want to use language, mind, and heart to do it?

Are you intelligent and kind with a high standard of ethics?

Are you a visual or creative thinker?

Do you have a calm reassuring presence and voice?

Would like to own your own business?

If you answered YES to these questions,
You can THRIVE as a hypnotist!

You may think that it takes years of expensive degrees to become a world-class hypnotist, right? Wrong! 

You will receive everything you need to start your own private practice with our 100-hour training  and certification program. 

No existing degree required! 

Why should you become a Certified Hypnotist?

The world needs more well trained and passionate hypnotists to help people reach their goals and overcome limiting thinking.

The time and financial investment to become a hypnotist yields these 3 powerful outcomes: meaningful work, comfortable lifestyle, and flexible schedule. Not only do you help other people to be more successful,  but you help yourself too. The traditional paths forward for young adults are more daunting than ever. Schools are more expensive. This career path is different, the math makes sense.  

And the demand for hypnosis continues to accelerate.

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3 Reasons To Become a Hypnotist 

1. Start a Brand New Hypnotherapy Practice

Have you heard of hypnosis but hesitated to dive into it as a new career path? 

Starting a brand new hypnotherapy practice means:

  • A meaningful,  transformative career facilitating healing in people’s lives (as well as your own)
  • Schedule and time flexibility — setting your own hours 
  • Substantial income making over $100/hour
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2. Add Value to Your Existing Holistic Healing Practice

Are you currently in the holistic field and looking to add value to your practice? 

Maybe you’re a therapist, life coach, yoga teacher, or other holistic practitioner looking to extend the benefits of hypnosis to your current clients. 

  • Add a transformative skill that furthers your ability to meet your clients’ needs
  • Grow your business and client satisfaction

3. Expand Your Knowledge & Grow Your Existing Hypnotherapy Practice

Are you ready to advance your current career as a hypnotherapist? 

Learn from one of the best in the industry! Take away everything Kristin Shelly has learned over the past decade, taught via LIVE Zoom calls. This course is packed with tons of insider knowledge in both hypnotherapy and best business practices.  

  • Deepen your training with advanced techniques taught from an expert in the field
  • Learn practical business tips and strategies from an industry insider 
  • Scale your clientele base and revenue with marketing and branding strategies
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What Theraputic Hypnosis Can Provide
Your Clients...FREEDOM


Hypnosis therapy is a focused, relaxed state which bypasses the conscious faculties of the mind, which is more rational and analytical. Here we can access imagination, sensations, and our memory in heightened way.


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Hypnosis is an effective process that uses hypnotic suggestions and techniques. Tailored to each client’s mindset in order to influence subconscious behaviors and beliefs.


hypnosis coaching is both the process of knowing how to getting your client into trance and knowing what to do once they are there.


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To achieve any goal we must first understand that the goal is possible to achieve, and that starts in the mind. Using an end state model, uncovering core values and limiting beliefs, and giving direct suggestion we help client achieve the desired results.

Who Benefits From Hypnosis?

The truth is …..Everyone can benefit from hypnosis!

Top athletes and business professionals have been using hypnosis for decades to get the edge on the competition. But it is also perfect for regular people who believe there is a natural state of balance and harmony in our being. 

The behavior chain goes like this: Triggers → Thoughts → Actions → Consequences

 Your thoughts are ultimately what control your actions. Control what you think and you’ll master what you do. If you need to overcome a habit or phobia, reduce anxiety, or perform at your best, hypnosis can help you achieve your ideal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Work from home...
A hypnotist’s tool is their VOICE

Most of us have had to adjust a part of our lifestyle since Covid-19, whether that’s work life, home life, or some combination of the two. Due to health conditions and general guidelines, many of us have benefited from virtual meetings and delivery services. As hypnotists, our main tool is our voice. Therefore we can work virtually just as effectively during this time of social distancing! It’s not only a great career to provide a fantastic income but can easily be done over Zoom meetings. I’ve found this can lend an even deeper level of relaxation to clients who are in the comfort of their own homes. 

“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Kristin, especially the ability to use the recordings afterwards. She is a true artist who cares about her art and I am benefiting so much from it! I highly recommend seeing Kristin with an open mind.”

-Laryssa LaPorte (Zoom Testimonial)

Client Comfort

Convenient Zoom Meetings

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Happy Clients
Years of Experience

I help individuals start a MEANINGFUL and LUCRATIVE Career

Kristin Shelly is a Certified Hypnotist (CH) and Certified Instructor (CI) through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has run a successful hypnosis practice, Transformational Hypnosis in Asheville, NC for the past 10 years. (Feel free to book a private healing hypnosis session and experience results first hand.) Packing the training course full of all the skills and trade secrets she has learned,  Kristin is a passionate teacher and encourages her students to become successful business owners and top-tier hypnotists.  

Kristin Shelly CI, CH

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Years of

Design the Lifestyle You'll Love

Just like many people,  I love travel, photography, painting, and nature. Owning my own practice allows me to have the flexibility in both my schedule and finances, and allows me to spend more time doing the activities I love, with the people I care about. 

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You have the power to design and live a life you LOVE!

If you achieve the results your clients seek
you WILL be successful. We teach you how to get results.
Read what my clients have to say about me....
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“My sister-in-law had great success quitting smoking about 15 years ago through hypnosis. She has stayed quit until this very day! That always stuck in my mind. About three months ago, I decided to try hypnosis for sugar cravings. Very similar to nicotine cravings as far as I was concerned. I noticed immediate Improvement, a change that has lasted now over three months! I was and am amazed! I tried 2 more sessions since then, one for self-confidence and one for joyfulness.. it works!”

-Tabitha Pope

Sugar Cravings

“I had dipped Copenhagen for 35 years. I feel as if there was nothing left for me to try to break this addiction. During a conversation with a friend about hypnosis I learned that Kristin’s hypnosis had worked for a few people she knew. This encouraged me but I was reluctant as well. Kristin’s sessions and the recordings that she sent me really made a difference in calming me while I was going through the quitting process. I know I would not have made it through the first week without her sessions. 28 days quit.”

-Stewart Nicholson

Nicotine Cessation

“Kristin is a powerful hypnotist. I am not easily hypnotized but I went very deep in our session. I was really impressed with the amount of time and care she took to help me discover and decide what to work on. I highly recommend Kristin for hypnosis and making real change in your life”

 -Damen Dickinson

Goal Planning, Business Development

“My experience with Kristin Shelly was remarkable. From the lovely office space to her soothing voice and presence, I was beyond comfortable. In three sessions I was able to kick a 25 year habit of cigarette smoking, which I thought I’d never be able to do. Kristin is kind, caring, and accomodating. She always offers a few options for seating and blankets. I’m so grateful to have met Kristin and always enjoy our time together.”

-Melanie Owen

Nicotine Cessation

Learn from me

Next Course Starts May 22nd

Registration DEADLINE
May 18th

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Here's What's Included:

Option1. Weekday Program
2 weeks

hypnosis online course

Option 2. Weekend Program
4 weekends

how to become a licensed hypnotherapist
Learn from me

Course Breakdown

What You Will Learn

1. Foundations of Hypnosis

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We cover all basics in-depth to give you a solid foundation of theraputic hypnosis. Topics include history of hypnosis, defining & demystifying hypnosis, understanding the different levels of consciousness, and more.

2. Understanding Your Client

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Understanding your client is vital. Topics include building rapport, understanding your clients’ fears and boundaries, session structure, suggestibility & depth testing and scales, setting goals, writing a script, and  more.

3. Inducing a Trance State

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Next you will learn how to induce a trance state.  You learn a wide range of methods: rapid inductions, eye fatigue, guided Imagery, Ericksonian inductions,  and ideomotor response technique, and more.


4. Suggestions for Transformation

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 Topics you will learn include how we heal, direct suggestions, motivational strategies, future pacing, anchoring, age regression, how to emerge a client, and more.

5. Business Strategies for Success

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In this module you will learn the tips, tricks, and strategies to start, expand, and grow your own private hypnosis practice. Topics included are business structure, liability, pricing, website optimization, advertising, setting up your virtual office, naming & branding, and more.


Core Competencies

Full 9-Step, 3-Stage Roadmap to a Thriving Career in Clinical Hypnosis

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Learn from me

Certificate and Membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists

Benefits Included with your NGH Hypnotist Certification...

1-Year Annual Membership Benefits

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Here's What's Included:

Continued Support for Graduates of Our Hypnosis Training Academy

All graduates are offered ongoing post-course support via email and phone as well as an Alumni Facebook group.

The best way to learn is from each other and Hypnosis Career Training will offer live group chats every other month. 

We CARE about your continued professional development. We want you to SUCCEED as a skilled, competent hypnotherapist!


Instructor Support

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Alumni Community

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Live Chats Monthly

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How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.


Ready to start?

Click here to learn more information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any further questions
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The national average for a Certified Hypnotist Salary is $150 per client session.  

Yes we do! Please contact Kristin Shelly via email or phone to discuss! 

YES! You will be invited to sit in on those specific classes during our next training!

At this time all courses are offered online via ZOOM. With 80 hours of LIVE interface time with the Certified instructor Kristin Shelly, we offer the same quality education, personal interaction, and care as classes held in person (without the airfare and lodging expenses)!

YES! You can get a full refund before the first day of class! (If course materials have been mailed to you, you receive a full refund minus the material costs of $500.)

Not a problem!  We will move you to the class with the dates that are best for you. 

Class sizes are limited to 10 to ensure each student receives ample attention and time with the instructor.

Once you fill out the intake form I will contact you to schedule a virtual meeting. Once you have been accepted into the program you’ll receive an invoice in your inbox. After payment is received, all training materials are sent to you via email as well as a Zoom link for your first day of class.

Of course! My number is (828) 761-7098. You can text if you want to. You can click on the Contact tab to schedule a virtual meeting with me on Zoom as well (located in menu, top right of website)!

As hypnotists, our main tool is our voice, therefore we can work virtually just as effectively during this time of social distancing! 

This hypnosis training is open to those who complete the application and who are accepted into the program. There is a 20 minute virtual consult with the instructor Kristin Shelly and prospective student. No previous degrees or training is necessary!

Many qualities lend to being an excellent hypnotist. Having a positive and caring nature, possessing good problem solving abilities and creative imagination, as well as a calm stable personality and soothing voice. High standard of ethics are also essential (Please review NGH standard of ethics here).

Additionally we accept these alternative forms of payments.

Bitcoin/Etherium Crytpocurrency & Professional Skill Exchange

You are Amazing