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We offer LIVE online Hypnosis Training and Certification thru the National Guild of Hypnotists. Are you ready to transform your life?

Learn These Valuable Skills:
1. How to be an EXPERT HYPNOTIST.
2. Cutting Edge BUSINESS STRATEGIES for Hypnotists.
3. DIGITAL MARKETING and BRANDING for your private practice.

Meet the Instructor; Kristin

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What You Will Learn

Foundations of Hypnosis

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We cover all basics in-depth to give you a solid foundation of theraputic hypnosis. Topics include history of hypnosis, defining & demystifying hypnosis, understanding the different levels of consciousness, and more.

Understanding Your Client

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Understanding your client is vital. Topics include building rapport, understanding your clients’ fears and boundaries, session structure, suggestibility & depth testing and scales, setting goals, writing a script, and  more.

Inducing a Trance State

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Next you will learn how to induce a trance state.  You learn a wide range of methods: rapid inductions, eye fatigue, guided Imagery, Ericksonian inductions, overwhelm induction and more

Suggestions for Transformation

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 Topics include how we heal, direct suggestions, motivational strategies, future pacing, anchoring, age regression, metaphor, ideomotor response, how to emerge a client, and more.

Business Launch

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Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies to start, expand, and grow your own private hypnosis practice. Topics includ business structure, liability, pricing, website optimization, advertising, setting up your virtual office, naming & branding, marketing and more.


Core Competencies

9-Step, 3-Stage Roadmap to a Thriving Career in Clinical Hypnosis

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Certification and Membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists

Benefits Included with your NGH Hypnotist Certification...

1-Year Annual Membership Benefits

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Here's What's Included:

Continued Support for Graduates of Our Hypnosis Training Academy

All graduates are offered ongoing post-course support via email and phone as well as an Alumni Facebook group.

The best way to learn is from each other and Hypnosis Career Training offers continuing education thru  live group zoom meetings bi- weekly. 

We CARE about your continued professional development. We want you to SUCCEED as a skilled, competent hypnotherapist.

Instructor Support

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Alumni Community

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Live Bi-Weekly Study Group

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I help individuals start MEANINGFUL  Careers

Kristin Shelly is a heart centered hypnotist focused on rapid release breakthroughs through amplified insight and activating inner resources in the state of hypnosis.  A client’s feelings of safety and care are of utmost importance. As a Certified Hypnotist (CH) and Certified Instructor (CI) through the National Guild of Hypnotists, she has run a successful hypnosis practice, Transformational Hypnosis in Asheville, NC for the past 11 years.Packing the training course full of all the skills and trade secrets she has learned,  Kristin is an industry expert and leader, a  passionate teacher, and creator of the TRIP Method who encourages her students to become successfully self empolyed and top-tier hypnotists.

If you are interested in experiencing Kristin’s rapid release hypnosis process for yourself, please consider booking a private session

Kristin Shelly CI, CH

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Simple Steps to Success

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The application takes less than a minute and is several questions to help me understand what your needs are.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any further questions
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The national average for a Certified Hypnotist Salary is $150 per client session.  

Yes we do! Please contact Kristin Shelly via email or phone to discuss! 

YES! You will be invited to sit in on those specific classes during our next training!

At this time all courses are offered online via ZOOM. With 80 hours of LIVE interface time with the Certified instructor Kristin Shelly, we offer the same quality education, personal interaction, and care as classes held in person (without the airfare and lodging expenses)!

YES! You can get a full refund before the first day of class! (If course materials have been mailed to you, you receive a full refund minus the material costs of $500.)

Not a problem!  We will move you to the class with the dates that are best for you. 

Class sizes are limited to 10 to ensure each student receives ample attention and time with the instructor.

Once you fill out the intake form I will contact you to schedule a virtual meeting. Once you have been accepted into the program you’ll receive an invoice in your inbox. After payment is received, all training materials are sent to you via email as well as a Zoom link for your first day of class.

Of course! My number is (828) 761-7098. You can text if you want to. You can click on the Contact tab to schedule a virtual meeting with me on Zoom as well (located in menu, top right of website)!

As hypnotists, our main tool is our voice, therefore we can work virtually just as effectively during this time of social distancing! 

This hypnosis training is open to those who complete the application and who are accepted into the program. There is a 20 minute virtual consult with the instructor Kristin Shelly and prospective student. No previous degrees or training is necessary!

Many qualities lend to being an excellent hypnotist. Having a positive and caring nature, possessing good problem solving abilities and creative imagination, as well as a calm stable personality and soothing voice. High standard of ethics are also essential (Please review NGH standard of ethics here).


Keep up-to-date with Kristin’s latest news, audios, videos, articles, courses, and offers.

    Kristin's Blog

    Life After Death; Lessons From The Other Side.

    Hundreds of thousands of Near Death Experiences (NDE’S) have been catalogued and archived. After pouring over thousands of them I would like to share with you the main teachings that we can glint from the other side.
    Firstly and most importantly, there IS life after death. You and your spiritual adventures continues once the body is laid down. You cannot die.

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    What Is the Subconscious? (From a Hypnotist’s POV)

    The hypnotic state can access the unconscious as well. This makes it a superior tool for healing trauma, finding objects that are misplaced, uncovering the causal origin of the behavior, or accessing transpersonal resources that we’ve never accessed before consciously.
    The value of being able to access both the subconscious and unconscious using hypnosis cannot be underestimated. Bringing something up into the conscious light of the mind, into awareness, is how we heal. It allows us to reframe or recontextualize events. It allows us to be aware of how we may have been influenced without consciously knowing it. It also allows us to reclaim our own inner voice. We often discover the voices we listen to aren’t even our own, but rather someone else’s ideas about us or a situation. Hypnosis can help us identify core beliefs, limiting beliefs, and emotional imprints that control us years later.

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    Hypnosis to quit smoking

    Hypnosis to Quit Smoking (Read This To Someone You Love!)

    Picture yourself on a very large ship, as it skims across the surface of the ocean. It’s a sailboat and the big white sails are billowing full, full of the winds of life driving the boat forward rapidly You are at the helm. Feel the ocean spray. Taste the salty sea on your lips, sunlight glances off the surface of the water. Look ahead and see where the ship is headed and know it’s time to make a course correction. Look around the ship and realize you’re the captain. This is your boat. In charge of where this boat sails. Look out ahead where the boat is going. Realizes it’s time to make a course correction. Shift the sail now, and the wind catches from the other side and the boat gently curves. Now line that boat up to a future you want to experience… so that when the winds of life blows, it takes you where you want to go. So when the winds of life blow, you’re already pointed in the direction you want to go. So you’re pointed in the direction you want. Just a gentle course correction, remove smoking from your daily lifestyle routine, replacing it was something better, lining yourself up with a future you want

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    Writing Hypnosis Scripts~Symbols of Physical Conditions

    Let’s break this process down into four steps.

    1.Describe a physical condition in psychological terms and define the dominant characteristics of the problem (i.e., eczema is an overreaction of the autoimmune system causing itchy, red, dry patches on the skin.).

    2. List words that describe the feeling of the negative symptoms (i.e., overreaction, Inflammation, overprotective).

    3. Determine appropriate antonyms. (moist, calm, safe)

    4. Create your script using guided imagery woven in with direst suggestions.

    TIP: When you write your script, focus on the language patter (rhythm, sound, and flow.) Disregard traditional grammatical structure. Think more like a free-form poet. Write structurally like a free-form poem.

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    75 Self-Inquiry Questions for Healing

    What are you most scared of losing?

    What part of you that is asleep, is this situation trying to awaken?

    Is there anything inside you that if it healed would allow you to feel lighter and happier about your life?

    Do you have any limiting beliefs about yourself?

    Is there anything in your childhood that you needed but didn’t get, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually?

    Is there anything you need in your life right now but don’t have? spiritually, emotionally, physically, or intellectually?

    Is there anything about the future that scares you? If so, what.

    Do you trust yourself?

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    An Out of Body Experience & Journey To the Void.

    I am sucked out of my body, from the top of the skull… and find myself float and looking around….in another dimension! Here it is vastly SILENT, purely BLACK , INFINITELY spacious, ALIVE and very POWERFUL … I find myself floating and flying  through a space of pure potential energy. It is pitch black, perfectly silent and endless…literally infinite. The qualities of it are as follows. It is exquisitely, infinitely dark, no light whatsoever emanating from anywhere. It is infinitely, exquisitely silent. No sound emanates from anywhere. It is infinitely vast. It does not have a beginning or end but does have a 3d spatial quality. It is perfectly peaceful in every way. It is awesomely still and emanates harmony, balance, peacefulness and GOODNESS. I feel the presence of this energy so clearly. It has an alive quality. It does not feel empty. My first thought is something like. “Wow, the infinite is so easy to understand!” But there is more to it. It is alive.

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