Hypnosis to Quit Smoking (Read This To Someone You Love!)

READ This to Someone You Love (to help them QUIT SMOKING)

Mind Over Matter Hypnosis


Read this as if it’s free form poetry…using the power of language, intonation, patter, and pacing to create a very fluid experience for the person you read it for. Give plenty of time for them to do the inner work. Also, record this on your phone so they can reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions in a couple days by relistening to the audio. Have them lay or recline comfortably and begin reading. Enjoy!

Okay, so here we are…your eyes can just gently close and I’d like you to begin to mimic the hypnotic state. Pretend to be someone who is deep in hypnosis… So that your body becomes very still and your breathing is shallow and rhythmic. And the more the muscles of your body relaxes, the more your mind relaxes and the more your mind relaxes, the more the muscles of your body relax. And your subconscious mind already knows how to bypass the conscious mind and begins to take you down into deep hypnotic trance. In order to do that, I’d like you focus your attention on the rhythm of your breathing, until the rhythm of your breathing and your mind synchronize… until your mind and the rhythm of your breathing are in perfect harmony. (pause) And as your body breathes itself, in and out, in and out, your mind is watching the body breathing. And as the breathing slows and quiets, the mind slows and quiets…and as your mind becomes more peaceful your breathing becomes more peaceful.

And then with you inner eye…begin to picture, imagine being somewhere in the countryside, and this is way back in time. This is before the modern world, before electricity, maybe in a past life or a movie scene in your mind, but imagining yourself somewhere in the countryside and it’s getting near dusk. The sun is low in the sky find yourself approaching a small village on horseback. You’re following the meadow that the dirt road cuts through and the stream is moving in the same direction as the road towards the cottage. Notice the sounds of the crickets…or are they frogs?…and birds. The fresh air smells so good. And you begin to notice the warm golden light from some of the windows of the cottages. And some wisping smoke from the chimneys, warm and inviting.

And as you get closer, you recognize your home. So you tie your horse up and enter in just before the sun sets behind the mountain. and there’s a nice open fire warming the room. And now you find yourself just choosing a relaxing place to lay back. And you begin to notice the crackling sound of the fireplace, the scent in the field of the warmth of the fire. And outside the sun slips away and darkness begins to fall softly. And as you relax there, imagining the darkness outside, the flowers begin to close up for the nite, the birds settle down in their nests tuck their head under their wings. And everything is settling down for the night. And your body begins to settle down, relaxing more and more as the darkness outside gets deeper and deeper. Outside, somewhere in a little den in the hollow of a tree, there’s a family of soft furry bunnies, settling down for the night wrapped in their silky soft fur, drowsy and dreaming. Nothing to think about, forgetting about the day, enjoying the warmth and calm of letting go completely and soon the flames turns to orange coal and the whole room fades to a gentle blackness all around. And the muscles of your face relax and your stomach relaxes. And it feels so good letting this soft gentle feeling fill you. And now you can imagine a single candle flame, a small flame burning in the dark. Giving off a soft, gentle glow. And you can remember being a child…the way a child can get transfixed watching the flame of a candle. Imagine watching the single candle, flame burning in a dark room somewhere with the shadow of the flame dancing on the wall behind it. And soon the candle goes out. A quiet darkness, a velvety darkness surrounds you and you relax down further and further. And your subconscious mind knows how to take you further into a deep hypnotic trance. Allow the sound of my voice to guide you along, no need for any effort or pressure. No need for any concentration. My voice will go with you wherever you go.

And first, before we begin becoming a non-smoker… activate that willingness to remove smoking from your daily lifestyle routine. Because your subconscious mind knows exactly how to become a non-smoker. There is a part of you that has been preparing for this day for a very long time. Activate a willingness to replace that old negative habit with something positive and life affirming, knowing the body detoxifies quickly and the mind adapts and adjusts quickly. And knowing that your soul, your spirit is greater than your body’s personality and that you have these next 5–6 days to make this readjustment so that the rest of your life, you can live as a non-smoker the way that you’re meant to be, the way that you picture in your mind’s eye. Because you have a vision of yourself in your mind’s eye of health and strength and vitality…healthy strong lungs, healthy strong heart, a body that can take you on a myriad of adventures. Being a nonsmoker is your birthright. Your natural state. And there’s a way out of addiction for everybody. The path is narrow and the only way is through, but you have what it takes. You have what it takes to say no to the urges or desires to smoke as your body detoxifies. And once you’re certain and clear, you no longer wish to smoke. I’d like you to remove all wavering or doubt. Now begin to remove all wavering and doubt. So you have one unified goal.

See a mental image, a picture, or a symbol now… of you releasing, letting go of the attachment to smoking. Create that image…begin to release your attachment to the desire to smoke and replace that desire that you’ve released… with a new desire. Attach yourself to a new desire now to feel healthy from the inside out. To feel healthy and strong within your chest. to feel healthy and free of compulsive thinking in your mind, because basically you’re letting go of nothing, just smoke and thoughts you think that keep you locked into behavior that no longer serves you. Grasping and holding onto wind, nothingness…let go now. So this mental image of yourself as a non-smoker is very, very important to clarify and solidify What do you feel like from the inside out as a non-smoker? How much more energy does you have? How much stronger are your lungs? How much more peaceful are your thoughts in your mind? Can you imagine moving forward one year in time…as if you are looking back at this moment now from a year in the future. Now that the burden of smoking is just a past memory, a memory in the past so long ago…you almost can’t remember you used to smoke. It’s just an old distant memory now. From the future looking back. Now you’re focused on other things that interest you…new interests. And quitting smoking is just a vague distant memory. So long ago. Picture that now. This mental image of yourself as a non-smoker involves everything…the whole you including the deepest part of your subconscious and even unconscious. Looking out from your eyes…see, your ears … hear, your hands… feel, mouth… taste, nose ….smells and just a complete sense of wellbeing, all that you are now is a non-smoker. Your body and mind are completely free of nicotine. As if you are leveling up, letting go of the old matrix of thoughts and patterns that kept you locked into behavior that no longer serves. Transcend, ascend, rise above…Now step up into the new way of thinking, the way you think as a non-smoker, the way you interact as a non-smoker. A new level of conscoiusness. The new you in relationship to managing stress…the new you moving through your daily routine.

In a moment I want you to picture your new habits and patterns as a non-smoker. Plan it out and see it quite clearly. Work it through. Every detail. Waking, eating, driving, breaks at work, early evening, late evening. So now I will give you time. Now picture your new daily lifestyle routine. Now that you’re a non-smoker. Wake up as a non-smoker and carefully plan out your new routines. Move from the time you first wake up all the way through the time you go to bed. (long pause) Now, in a moment, I want you to practice being a non-smoker in a more challenging environment. Picture…roll play a tempting situation that you would have found challenging in the past. Maybe a social situation like a concert or night out, or a friend you used to smoke with, or a stressful day at work…Now practice being a non-smoker easily and effortlessly. (long pause) What do you do differently? What do you think and feel inside…that allows you to remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life? (long pause) Practice saying no to temptation as temptations may come up…instantly say ‘NO’, since you’ve released all doubt, all wavering, all ambivalence. You’re certain about your choice. Now practice in your inner movie theater, inner eye. (pause) Great. That certainty feels good.

Now begin to allow your mind to roll forward in time, like flipping forward on a calendar. You’re 5 years older, the year is 20__, your loved ones are 5 years older. Dream big and move forward about five years in time… suspend disbelief. Begin picturing your life the way you want it to be. As if you have already reached your goal. You already are that that you want to be. Feel the positive effects of being healthy from the inside out. Your organs, your mind. It feels good to feel good doesn’t it? Notice your daily lifestyle routine. Long pause. Now that you’re a non-smoker, it’s very easy for you to be a non-smoker. You no longer have any desire or urge to smoke. You never even think about it. Most importantly notice that you are whole and complete without cigarettes. There is nothing missing. You are completely fine. Is it safe for you to be a non-smoker?

Because it is safe for you to be a non-smoker, isn’t it? Say that to yourself now 10x and believe it deeply. “It’s safe to let this go. It’s safe to be a non-smoker.” (pause) Claim your authority over smoking. You’re the boss of you and you choose what you allow on your body. Claim your authority now that you’re the boss of whether you smoke or not, and that you’re choosing to be a non-smoker. Good. And let’s begin to deepen this hypnotic state. Just a bit.

Picture yourself on a beach, somewhere beautiful you’d like to be, and you’re just going to watch the sunset. Watch the sun set, which symbolizes another day done. Another day in your life story. And your main job is to enjoy your life, to enjoy your days and to pursue your goals. And I’m simply going to count backwards from 10 down to zero. As you watch the sun sink at 10, the sun just starts to touch the horizon. Sun sinking on the horizon. And by the time I get to zero, it sinks below the horizon line, relaxed down with each descending number. Your subconscious mind knows how to take you even deeper down. Starting at 10, begins to sink to 9, down to 8, 7, 6, sink down to 5, 4, 3, sink down to 2, 1, 0. Of course, the sky begins to change color. Now is the last streaks of sun hitting the clouds, but more importantly, you’re deep inside your own inner self.

And you can achieve the goals you set your mind to because you’re willing to do what you need to do to reach your goals. You can do what you set your mind to because you’re willing to do what you need to do to reach it. And now it’s very important.

In a moment, identify and put into your own words, the core belief that keeps you smoking. You don’t have to know the answer now, but your subconscious does. Then I’d like you to release the core belief, the core belief that may keep you locked into smoking, whatever core belief needs to be released and let go of about yourself or about smoking. What do you need to think about yourself to keep smoking? Ok It’s time to identify and release that core belief. (long pause) Identify it… where did it come from? …and now let it go.

Now it’s time to have a new core belief, a new core belief, something you believe deep down in your core that enables you to successfully be a non-smoker, a core belief that supports your life, your healthy life. Plant a new core belief deep down inside like a seed in the deep moist earth. What do you need to believe about yourself at the deepest level to be a non-smoker the rest of your life? (long pause) Plant and water that seed now.

And because you believe it, you reach your goal easily. And you’ll notice over the next three days, because you’re certain and clear about your goal, because you’re certain that you’re becoming a non-smoker and you allow your body to detoxify…and there’s nothing or anything that would make you smoke. because nothing is more important to you than becoming a non-smoker. You’ll find that the old desire to smoke is just a sensation in the body. It’s just a sensation in the body and you observe it neutrally. It’s just a feeling in the body and it’s very neutral. It has no power over you. And the thoughts in your mind about smoking or just old habituated thoughts. They have no power over you. They’re just bubbles, little puffs of air…a small thought bubble, old and tedious habitsPop! They are gone. They have no power over your strong, independent self. And you’ll notice any sensations in your body are just neutral. They have no power over us. And the old habituated thoughts are just thoughts. They have no impact on you because there’s some part of you outside of all of this…strong, certain and clear… just letting time pass. Now, let time pass easily and gently, gracefully. Time passes gracefully and easily. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it feels to become a non-smoker. Tomorrow, and the next day…Take note of how simple it is to move through space and time, to drift and float through the days. No desire to smoke at all, as if you’ve detached yourself from the desire to smoke and it’s floated on by looking for someone else or something else to attach to but not you. Outside of you…the smoking energy, maybe like a purple apparition or wisp…looking for a place to attach. But not in you, or around you, or to you. But it’s no longer attached to you; you reject and repel the energy as if it’s not welcome in your mind or body. Repel it as it floats on by. As your body adapts quickly to being a non-smoker, these body sensations become neutral and detached. You observe the body neutrally, and the thoughts neutrally, as if they have no effect on you. In fact, you’re very surprised at how easy it is to let time pass, and you’re willing to not smoke, and you’re willing to be healthy, and you’re willing to allow time to pass and drift. Like unplugging a plug in an electric outlet. Cut off the current. Unplug from smoking. And you’re willing to say no to temptation, and you’re willing to allow yourself to stay calm and relaxed from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. And you will remain calm and relaxed no matter what happens outside of you, because this is an inward experience. The outside world does not affect you for the next three days. As you focus on your own inner journey of releasing and letting go of this negative habit that no longer serves you, replace it with stuff you love, like walking, like having positive thoughts about your future, like learning, like breathing, like being strong. I can do this. This is easy.

Repeat that after me. I can do this. This is easy. I can do those. This is easy. (Repeat quieter and quieter)…Good I’m willing to do this. I WILL this into being. I’m willing to do this. I will do this. Yes, I am doing this. This is what I’m doing. I am doing this. This is what I’m doing. I can do this. This is easy. And I’d like you to listen to this hypnosis and take yourself even further down to hypnotic trance and allow this to reset your nervous system from head to toe. Calm from head to toe…There is no stress in your body.Completely relaxed. So there’s absolutely zero anxiety that’s built up in your body or mind…as if a wind blows through you… as if you’re standing at the top of a large canyon and down below is a small river because it’s so far down and you’re up top, on the plateau… And the winds from the canyon sweep up the canyon wall and you’re standing on the edge and you have your arms open and the wind just blows through you clearing out any old, stuck energy, any old frustration, stress, or anxiety. It moves through. The wind blows through your mind, and through your heart, blows through your torso… It can blow through you and cleanse you. And every time you listen to this hypnosis, you go into deeper levels of hypnotic trance, which is just down beyond, into your inner private world. You absorb the post-hypnotic suggestions so that when you have sensations in your body, they feel neutral. You just observe them as feelings in the body and they have no pull, no influences on you at all. A calm detachment as your body adapts back to being nicotine free. The way it’s meant to be.

That famous Hollywood actor? Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man…Yes, it was Robert Downey Jr. who said that becoming sober was the easiest thing he ever did.The EASIEST THING he ever did. How? And the interesting thing about that is it took 12 years of failures, rehabs, prison, almost losing his career and friends and family. How did he become the one who said it was the easiest thing he ever did? Simple! He said the second he was hundred percent certain that that was what he wanted, there became no other option. There were no longer 2 choices…just one. A single direction. No wavering, no doubt, no ambivalence. That certainty, that clarity, that single pointed vision, hold that in your mind this week, that single pointed vision to be your healthiest from the inside out to take care of your body from the inside out to take care of yourself. Because you do depend on yourself, you are responsible for yourself. You take care of you, and that is wonderful. And you take care of yourself by removing these toxins, irritants, and pollutants from your daily lifestyle routine. It used to serve you but no longer does. You can manage your moods and regulate your stress levels in different ways. Now that you’re more mature, healthier, and happier, you find new ways of managing your stress, managing your moods, keeping yourself calm and regulated. Remove all toxins, irritants and pollutants from your daily lifestyle routine and replace it with healthier versions like drinking water and going on walks to smell the fresh air and move your circulation. Do you know how quickly it takes to remove nicotine from your bloodstream? It’s only 72 hours, three days. So your job is to simply let time pass and float by.

Have you ever gone tubing in a river? You push out from the bank and get to the middle where the current is steady and you just let the river take you down river. And enjoy the ride. Your job is to let time pass and float and drift, everything else takes care of itself. Your body, brain, and mind all returned back to their natural state all by themselves. No effort required. Your job is simply to say no, no to smoking and yes to feeling good inside…trusting the process. Now, use your mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter, I’m willing to use my mind over matter. I will use mind over matter. I can do this. This is easy. I’m ready for this next chapter. There’s nothing stopping me from reaching my goal. There’s nothing blocking or preventing me from reaching my goal. There’s nothing standing in the way, just old thoughts and ideas that I’ve released and let go of. I no longer listen to those old dead ideas. I have buried that old idea of myself as a smoker. That old story.

That part of your brain that has a hard time quitting simply has a hard time quitting because the nicotine is literally changing your mind about how you think about smoking. It’s making you think you want it. Isn’t that odd since there is a whole other part of your mind that hates it and never wants to smoke again.

What if we quarantine off that part of your mind the nicotine influences to make you think you like it. Imagine a very thick steel vault, like a safe but the walls are 2ft thick. So thick that the electrical impulses, neural synapses when they fire….can’t make it through the steel. They never make it to the conscious part of your mind. Let’s put that part of your mind in the safe and close it, and bolt and spin the lock on that part of your mind. You don’t need to pay any attention to those thoughts anymore. Quarantine that off so those thoughts can’t get out. They just bounce around in the vault…There is no YOU paying attention to them. Because your mind is like a flashlight in a pitch black room. You get to choose what you focus the light of your mind on.

What you pay attention to is as easy as moving a flashlight. Whatever you focus on lights up, and everything else is in pitch blackness, out of awareness. Now sharpen the focus on the flashlight and get a very clear, strong, narrow beam and shine that into the future. Where you’re headed. That’s what you focus your attention on now. Quitting smoking is not just stopping something, it’s actually creating something. A creative act! You are creating a new belief about who you are. You create new habits and routines. My past does not define me. I’m ready to create my future. The past does not equal the future. I’m ready to create my future. My future is better than my past. I can do this. This is easy. I know how to quit smoking. I already know how to quit smoking. I know how to avoid triggers. I know how to stay calm and relaxed. I know how to let time drift and float. And I know how to say ‘no’ to thoughts in my mind that are old and stale and dead. The old ones that no longer matter.

Pop! Just like a bubble. Gone. I can do this. I will do this. I am doing this. Repeat that after me. I can do this. I can do this, I will do this. I am willing to do this. I am doing this.. Imagine in your left hand is a red button and in your right hand is a black button. If you choose to hit the black button, things will continue on the same path and nothing changes. Years and years pass, still smoking and still wishing you’d quit. And the red button? In your left hand is the red button, and that red button is a sign to yourself to change. If you press it, you are indicating to yourself, you are one hundred percent ready to take the journey of letting go of the old habit of smoking.

The red button means you’re ready to activate and start creating yourself into this new image, stepping into the new matrix of thoughts of you as a non-smoker… thinking the thoughts of a non-smoker. Being the person you will become in five to seven days after your body detoxifies. Be that person now. Pressing the red button will activate a creative and powerful part of your inner resources. The resources required to achieve your goal activate all by themselves because your subconscious mind knows exactly how to quit smoking. When we have a goal in our mind that is so crystal clear, the inner resources required to achieve the goal spontaneously arise in our conscious mind. And this is a fact. If we have a goal so clear, so certain about its inevitability, the resources required to achieve it, will spontaneously arise in our conscious mind. Becoming a non-smoker is a creative act. It’s not stopping something. It’s becoming something. You’re becoming someone new, someone who no longer smokes and also someone who puts their health first, someone who regulates their emotions and stress using different techniques than they used in the past. Can you do that? It’s a creative act. Finding new ways of moving through your daily lifestyle routine, using your creative imagination by keeping an idea in your inner mind of who you are as a non-smoker, and just moving towards that goal without fail, without falter, no wavering, removing all wavering and doubt.

A crystal clear laser light pierces forward into the future. Red laser light pierces straight forward into the future, focused like a laser…one goal, one outcome. Now the black button keeps you locked in the same old behavior or the red button activates these new creative resources inside of you.

So press a button. Now.

In order to achieve a goal, you must believe it’s possible. And that starts in the mind. You cannot achieve a goal without believing it’s possible. And I know you believe that you deserve to be a non-smoker. I believe you can be a non-smoker and you’re strong enough to walk the journey out of the prison of smoking.

Smoking is like standing in the center of a ring of fire. Somehow, standing In the very center, you feel OK, but you know something is wrong. Get up the courage to pull the cape over your face and dash through the flames. Sometimes the only way is through. Make a dash for it. Now you’re out. You’re free! Feel that freedom. So many directions and paths to take. The only place you can’t go, don’t want to go, is back into that center of the ring of fire. Away from smoking into something new and yes, the unknown can be a little scary, but that’s okay. You can handle these emotions. We are mature adults. Now it’s okay to step into the new, to push past the old, to throw open the gates, if you will. So that in 10 years when you’re 10 years older. 10 years older, your life has progressively gotten better and better, your life reflects your true passions… whatever you want to achieve. it’s a forward journey leaving behind the old negative limitations, old limiting beliefs …your limiting thoughts about yourself … any limitations that are put on you, you let them go. The past does not equal the future. The past and the future are different. And one more mental journey, before we wrap this up.

Picture yourself on a very large ship, as it skims across the surface of the ocean. It’s a sailboat and the big white sails are billowing full, full of the winds of life driving the boat forward rapidly You are at the helm. Feel the ocean spray. Taste the salty sea on your lips, sunlight glances off the surface of the water. Look ahead and see where the ship is headed and know it’s time to make a course correction. Look around the ship and realize you’re the captain. This is your boat. In charge of where this boat sails. Look out ahead where the boat is going. Realizes it’s time to make a course correction. Shift the sail now, and the wind catches from the other side and the boat gently curves. Now line that boat up to a future you want to experience… so that when the winds of life blows, it takes you where you want to go. So when the winds of life blow, you’re already pointed in the direction you want to go. So you’re pointed in the direction you want. Just a gentle course correction, remove smoking from your daily lifestyle routine, replacing it was something better, lining yourself up with a future you want. Experience getting in perfect alignment. That’s all, the universe, the wind takes care of the rest. And as that boat makes that gentle, sweeping curve, it’s time now to throw overboard anything and everything that you do not want sailing into your future. It’s time to release and let go of and throw overboard anything and everything that you do not want sailing into your future with you. Do that now. So that the only things left on the ship or things you want to carry into your future with you. (long pause)

And we don’t understand quite why or how powerful the mind is, but your mind is influenced by the truth of these words. And you find it very easy to navigate the next three days of your life. Allow your body to detoxify. In fact, any sensations in your mind and body are neutral, just sensations and no longer have any impact or influence on your actions. Your only action is to remain a non-smoker and all this seems very simple because it ends up feeling simple and it ends up actually moving from the mind into reality very simply. Because you pictured yourself a non-smoker and because you believe the goal is possible to realize, and because of the hypnotic influence, the sensations in your body are very easy to handle and manage. And all you do is pick up a hiking stick, lace your boots and start stepping forward one step at a time, walking into the unknown, taking a new trail, just letting go of the old habits, carving a new path forward.

Each time you listen, absorb the post-hypnotic suggestions, deeper into the subconscious, the part of your mind that has all the creative resources at its disposal. The fresh, bright, living part of your mind behind, beyond the habits of the old, old programming, that fresh, bright part of you that keeps you moving forward.

And so when you’re done with your own inner process, I’ll be quiet as you finish on your own. And when you picture your success and when you’re certain that you’re going to move forward this next week as a non-smoker, that you’re going to live the rest of your life, a non-smoker and you feel that through your core, it’s your deepest core belief you will simply open your eyes, feeling wonderful, refreshed, and wide awake, wonderful, refreshed, and wide awake. Take all the time you need. Your eyes will open all by themselves.

Wait 3–5 minutes and then snap your fingers, saying “Wide Awake.” Stop the recording on you phone 😉

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