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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking (Read This To Someone You Love!)

Picture yourself on a very large ship, as it skims across the surface of the ocean. It’s a sailboat and the big white sails are billowing full, full of the winds of life driving the boat forward rapidly You are at the helm. Feel the ocean spray. Taste the salty sea on your lips, sunlight glances off the surface of the water. Look ahead and see where the ship is headed and know it’s time to make a course correction. Look around the ship and realize you’re the captain. This is your boat. In charge of where this boat sails. Look out ahead where the boat is going. Realizes it’s time to make a course correction. Shift the sail now, and the wind catches from the other side and the boat gently curves. Now line that boat up to a future you want to experience… so that when the winds of life blows, it takes you where you want to go. So when the winds of life blow, you’re already pointed in the direction you want to go. So you’re pointed in the direction you want. Just a gentle course correction, remove smoking from your daily lifestyle routine, replacing it was something better, lining yourself up with a future you want

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Mindset Hack Reset~ Record THIS Hypnosis Session

Picture in your right hand an empty red balloon. In a moment I will have you transfer anything and everything that you may have been holding onto, that you are ready to release, consciously and subconsciously, into that red balloon. With each breath out you fill that red balloon, bigger and bigger… with any negative emotions, feelings or thoughts that you no longer want to carry inside, transfer them now into the red balloon… and watch as it gets bigger and bigger. (long pause) Good, all stress, all worry, any hurt, or frustration… all negative emotions….all of it is now in the balloon. And when you’re done tie it off. Good. And the second you are ready to release these things, the intelligent universe knows and sends a large gust of wind. Let go now, let it go, it’s over now, it’s gone, it’s no longer happening. The past is over. A large gust of wind comes and carries your red balloon high into the blue sky. Watch it get smaller and smaller

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Heighten Hypnotic Responsiveness~ Anchoring w/ Emotion vrs Logic

But these days, hypnosis is different, or the way we think about psychology is different than in the eighties. In this trauma-saturated moment, the last thing a client wants to do with their time is imagine more suffering. Today we use more positive imagery and link positive emotion. I think this is the correct approach. It reminds the client of the truth. That we are at the creative center of our life. The locus of control is within us. So, you don’t want to just stop smoking, rather you want to become a non-smoker, a creative act! You don’t want to stop eating junk food, you want to become someone healthy and vital.
These positive emotions and feelings the hypnotist must elicit are a little less obtuse than the negative emotions. They are things like hope, adventure, peace, balance, passion, happiness, inspiration, self-realization, bravery, daring, power, control, joy, creativity. These may not be as intense emotions as the negative ones but they are the ones that give life meaning, purpose, and richness.

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