75 Self-Inquiry Questions for Healing


What are you most scared of losing?

What part of you that is asleep, is this situation trying to awaken?

Is there anything inside you that if it healed would allow you to feel lighter and happier about your life?

Do you have any limiting beliefs about yourself?

Is there anything in your childhood that you needed but didn’t get, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually?

Is there anything you need in your life right now but don’t have? spiritually, emotionally, physically, or intellectually?

Is there anything about the future that scares you? If so, what.

Do you trust yourself?

What was the hardest time in your life and why?

What did you learn from it?

If you could fix or change something about yourself what would it be? Why? What would the benefit be?

What about you do you think it’s different from everyone else? Physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually? Does this bother you?

(Ie negative behavior) What is the benefit of this behavior? What does it give you?

What keeps you from changing it?

If you had a magic wand, what are the positive results you want?

When did the behavior start? What were you feeling right beforehand?

What was going on at that time?

What is the best quality about you?

What is an area that isn’t as developed? intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally

Do you have feelings of guilt? If so, what?

Do you have feelings of shame? If so, what?

Have you ever felt humiliated?

What is the best part about your life?

What is missing from your life right now?

How do you heal?

As you look over your life, are you growing?

Do you have a sense of purpose?

If you could do anything, what would it be?

Do you have a sense of inner guidance? How does it guide you?

What are you looking forward to?

What do you think/feel about death?

Do you feel safe sharing about yourself?

Do you feel important?

What do you want to create?

Who has loved you the best in this lifetime?

What values are most important for you?

What is your perspective on God?

If you came to the end of your life and look back on it…what would make it a good life lived to you?

What do you feel like the theme of this lifetime is for you?

If life were a school, what did you come down here to learn in this life?

Where do you feel stuck?

Would you be willing to change your core beliefs if it made your life better?

What beliefs are keeping you stuck?

Do you feel like you are at the creative center of your life?

Do you feel like you are in control of your life?

Do you feel supported by the universe?

What do you feel more often; fearful or peaceful?

Can you do what you set your mind to? What do you want to do?

What is the most important lesson you have learned so far?

If there were an emotional component to the pain (symptom), what would it be?

If your friend had that pain, what would it be?

What do you get out of keeping that behavior/belief/issue?

What will you lose if you stop that behavior/belief/issue?

What do you have to think about to feel like that?

When (or where, or with whom) does it happen worst?

And then what happens?

Is there anything you don’t think you could possibly get over?

If there were another issue we haven’t yet identified what would it be?

What is still bothering you about ______ right now?

When was the first time you remember feeling this way?

If there were a deeper emotion underlying this problem, what might it be?

How does having this problem make you feel?

If there were a reason not to get well what would it be?

What was happening in your life before or when this happened?

Who wants you to get better? Who doesn’t?

What is your greatest fear about this pain?

Is there a message this pain is telling you?

If there were a reason to keep this pain, what would it be?

What’s the upside of keeping this problem?

What’s the downside of giving up this problem?

When you become stuck on an issue, ask yourself:

What’s in the way here? What have I not yet seen?

What core issue have I been unable to find?

What core belief is keep you/this stuck?

Is it safe for you to heal now?

Kristin Shelly CI, CH

hypnotherapy, healing and the spiritual adventure of life. www.hypnosiscareertraining.com

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